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Benefits of Overseeding

To maximize the benefits of overseeding, we will choose the right grass seed varieties for your specific lawn conditions, follow proper seeding techniques, and provide adequate watering tips and times.

Thickens the Turf

Overseeding helps to fill in bare patches, thin areas, and areas damaged by pests, diseases, or heavy foot traffic. The additional grass seeds germinate and establish new grass plants, resulting in a thicker and denser turf. This not only improves the overall appearance of your lawn but also helps to crowd out weeds and prevent future bare spots.

New Grass Varieties

Overseeding allows you to introduce new grass varieties to your lawn. This is particularly beneficial if your current grass type is not well-suited to your climate, soil conditions, or specific lawn use. By overseeding with a more suitable grass variety, you can enhance the overall health and resilience of your lawn.

Colour / Appearance

Over time, grass plants can become worn out, lose their color, and develop patches of thin or browned-out areas. Overseeding helps to rejuvenate the lawn by introducing new, healthy grass plants with vibrant color. This results in a more attractive and lush-looking lawn.

Disease/Pet Resistance

A thick and healthy lawn is better able to resist diseases and pests. Overseeding helps to strengthen your lawn's resistance to common lawn issues by filling in weak areas and promoting a healthier overall turf. The new grass plants are typically more resistant to diseases and pests, helping to prevent future outbreaks.

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Increases Tolerance to Environmental Stress

Different grass varieties have varying levels of tolerance to environmental stressors such as drought, heat, cold, and shade. By overseeding with a mix of grass varieties that are well-adapted to your specific conditions, you can increase your lawn's resilience to these stressors. This helps to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and green even during challenging weather conditions.

Reduces Weed Growth

A thick and healthy lawn created through overseeding can help to suppress weed growth. By filling in bare areas and crowding out weeds, overseeding can significantly reduce the presence of weeds in your lawn. The dense turf created by overseeding also prevents weed seeds from finding bare soil to germinate and establish.




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